– Mia C. – Sanford, FL

My fiancé and I recently went looking for engagement rings with no idea what we were getting into. We had zero knowledge about diamonds, clarity, pricing, styles, etc. We went to a couple different stores and we immediately knew we wanted to buy from Stephen at Park Jewlers. He was extremely helpful in so many ways. He educated us on diamonds in great detail. He really listened to us about our budget, never once tried to get us to raise it. Even when we wanted to go up slightly in diamond weight, he was honest and told us it wouldn’t make a different to the eye in the setting we were looking at.

After seeing a few rings, I blurted out some things I liked and he said he understood my vision and could do it. Stephen and his staff designed and created my custom ring in just under a month! (Which was super appreciated since being patient isn’t my strong point, lol).

We went yesterday to pick up the ring and were blown away. The ring is more perfect than we could have imagined :)

Stephen pointed us in the right direction for insuring it, reminded us that he is there to clean the ring anytime, and assured us if anything happens to it that they will fix it.

The whole staff seemed to really enjoy seeing how happy we were and all congratulated us.

Thank you, Stephen and Park Jewlers staff! We will be sure to tell people to do themselves the favor and go to you for all jewelry need!

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